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'Inside' the Great War:
an app to immerse yourself in the stories of the frontline

An app that also works offline, with 130 stainless steel panels and as many tabs to quickly access an exciting narrative with texts, recordings and images. On Mount Lagazuoi, the situation on the f ...
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Lagazuoi Photo Award New Talents 2023

Three young photographers narrate side by side with Nikon the breathtaking landscape of Mount Lagazuoi   Over five days, three students from the Accademia Carrara di Bergamo, the Istituto Ita ...
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Summer 2023 at the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti

With exceptional exhibitions, the cultural centre Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti is bringing art, culture and innovation to the high mountains again this summer     From 27th May to 18th J ...
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Experience history hands-on
Guided visits 2023

  Watch history come alive at over 2,700 metres above sea level, on the summit of Mount Lagazuoi. From 8th July to 10th September, the WW1 Lagazuoi Open-air Museum offers special guided tou ...
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The Cortina Delicious Team presents its 'DELICIOUS' beers

Cortina Delicious, the consortium of the Falzarego-Lagazuoi-5 Torri-Giau-Pocol-Croda da Lago area, is in a constant creative ferment. A novelty of this year are the Delicious beers!   It ...
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Celebration of the 25th anniversary
of the Sentinelle del Lagazuoi Cultural Association

Twenty-five years ago, the open-air museum on Mount Lagazuoi, the theatre of an incredible war fought at high altitude from 1915 to 1917, was inaugurated. To mark the event, a group of friends sharing ...
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The Lagazuoi Infopoint & Equipment Rental opens on 24th June

The Lagazuoi Infopoint  and equipment rental is open from Friday, 24th June throughout summer from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and at your disposal for information and rental of all you might need for the v ...
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​WIMA2023 - GIS and GIST Special Awards

Special Award GIS - Italian Ski Journalists Association ​Special Award GIST - Italian Travel Journalists Association   The GIS and GIST Special Awards set up within the Lagazuoi Winning Id ...
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The Winning Ideas Mountain Awards at the BIT in Milan

Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards The award for the mountains of the future   Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards, the Prize dedicated to the most innovative and avant-garde pro ...
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Lagazuoi Photo Award 2022
New Talents

On display at the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti from Friday 2nd September to Sunday 23rd October 2022   Young photographers at high altitude in the highest artist residency in the Dolomites Four ...
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The parking lot at the Lagazuoi cable car is subject to a fee

Since 16th July 2022, the Lagazuoi cable car parking lot at the Falzarego Pass is subject to a fee as follows: the daily flat rate is due from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. the night flat rate is due from ...
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'Traiettorie Liquide' by Federica Brignone

The project "Traiettorie Liquide" by Federica Brignone on display at the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti until 31st  August The most successful lady of the Italian national alpine ski team l ...
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The photography contest Lagazuoi Photo Award, conceived in 2020 to show the Dolomites through the eyes of professional photographers , in 2022 opens up to young people. The Lagazuoi Photo Award &nd ...
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Lagazuoi Terrace Bar by Embassy

The new Mountain Cafė at 2,732 meters above sea level The brand new Mountain Cafė Lagazuoi Terrace Bar by Embassy opens on Wednesday 1st June. It is located on the terrace at the top station of ...
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Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards: the winners of the third edition

Augmented reality telling the story of the Dolomites, vocational training to become a dairy farmer, ski suits made from apple processing waste, solid soluble beverages to take with you in your backpac ...
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The imprint of innovation

The Sportsystem District is the protagonist at Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti The first mountain boots that set foot on the K2 peak, shoes that revolutionized cycling, prototypes that enabled great perform ...
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A new ski bus connects Cortina centre with the new gondola lift Skyline at Son dei Prade

From December 29th, a new bus service connects the centre of Cortina d’Ampezzo (Piazza Roma) with the valley station of the new SKYLINE gondola lift at Son dei Prade, which links the Tofana with ...
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WIMA2022: call for the third edition

Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti is looking for good ideas and best practices to promote the mountains as the territory of the future. One of the highest cultural centres in the world is starting the 3rd editio ...
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Winter season 2021/2022 news: SKYLINE - the new connection between Cortina and Mt. Lagazuoi

 From this winter onwards, skiers can reach the Falzarego Lagazuoi area without having to take their car or a bus! The new gondola lift SKYLINE starting at Son dei Prade connects the Tofana a ...
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