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The Lagazuoi cable car

The Lagazuoi cable car was built between 1963 and 1964 according to a project signed by the engineer Ugo Illing and put into operation in February 1964. Primarily, the cable car had a cabin for 25 passengers and the mountain and valley stations were made of wood. 

Between 1986 and 1987, the cable car was rebuilt. The cabins were measured for the transport of 50 passengers and the stations of wood were replaced by steel structures. 
The new and innovative project was also realized by the engineer Ugo Illing. One of its many innovations was the elimination of the connection of the running gear with the cabin, which was replaced by 4 cables. Now the cabins of the Lagazuoi cable car are practically hanging like hot air balloon baskets on the ropes. In this way it was possible to avoid the fatigue caused by twisting of the structure, one of the biggest problems of aerial cable cars. 
Furthermore, for safety reasons, the cabins are now provided with two side-by-side doors that are pushed upwards: when the cabins are in motion it is impossible to open them accidentally. 

Since then, this Reversible Aerial Tramway has been driving from the Falzarego Pass (2105 m) up to 2732 m of altitude, just below the summit of Mt. Lagazuoi (2778 m) overcoming a height of 630 m in less than 3 minutes with an oblique length (span-width) of 1150 meters.  
The Lagazuoi cable car is an aerial cable-way without pillars, with cabins hanging on ropes from the running gear and with vertical opening doors. 
Two cabins run at a speed of 12 m/s (43.2 km / h) on carrying cables with a diameter of 56 mm, which are anchored at the valley station and at the top station, and are moved by a traction rope with a diameter of 26 mm.
The main engine has a power of 320 KW (435 HP) and the ride requires 2 '50 ".    

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