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Lieutenant Mario Fusetti, the hero of Mt. Sasso di Stria

Tracing Second Lieutenant Mario Fusetti

In October 1915, the Italian army fought against the Austrian troops between the peaks of the mountains Lagazuoi and Col di Lana:
Mt. Sasso di Stria towers over the underlying Great Dolomites Road, which leads to the Valparola Pass and the Falzarego Pass, and consequently was an important strategic point.

After some unsuccessful attempts to attack the emplacements of the Austro-Hungarian troops, the regiment was ordered to try another incursion.

Second Lieutenant Mario Fusetti volunteered to reach the summit at 2477 m with a group of soldiers in order to overwhelm the Austrians stationed below, in the trenches of the Goiginger emplacement, with a surprise attack.

On the night of 18th October he reached the summit, positioned his men and waited for reinforcements. But they did not arrive.

However, they were spotted by some Austrian soldiers who had climbed the ridge and immediately raised the alarm.

Despite the resistance organized by Fusetti, the Italians were soon surrounded. Many soldiers were injured; the Second Lieutenant was shot in the head when he came out from behind the cover in order to shoot.

After a bloody battle, the few survivors surrendered.
The fallen soldiers tumbled down into the crevices of Mt. Sasso di Stria and their remains were never found.


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Tracing Second Lieutenant Fusetti