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Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2018:
the jury has made its decision!

On Sunday 29th July the end of the 2nd edition of the Lagazuoi Cairn Festival was celebrated with the announcement of the winner and the prize-giving. 

Along the pathway leading to the peak of Mount Lagazuoi many participants have created their cairns in numbered and cordoned off workstations. They have realized natural monuments, all different from the others. Works of art of a precarious and temporary nature as a symbol of their love for the mountains.  
Stone formations which have fascinated not only the public but also the Jury.

As by regulation, the evaluation of the jury took into account the following criteria:

    • the equilibrium of the form 
    • the agility of the creation
    • the lightness of the structure 
    • the harmony of the component elements the stability.

The outstanding jury was made up entirely of people with particular links with the life of the mountains and with arts:
Flavio Lancedelli, president of the Regole d’Ampezzo; Mauro Menardi, representative of the Nature Park, Sergio Furlanetto, Treviso's representative of the Italian association of the Alpine Regiments ANA and coordinator of the restoration of the trenches in the Open Air Museum of World War 1 on mount Lagazuoi;  Simonetta Giangiacomi, adviser of Cortina d'Ampezzo's branch of the Italian Alpine Association CAI; Matteo De Sandre, sculptor and inventor of the cairns Dolometto made of stone pine (pinus cembra); Marina Alberti, responsible for the Cortina branch of the sports association Fairplay.

The winners of the Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2018 are: 

N°. 1   Andrea Patergnani and Carla Ferrigato, cairn of the workstation N° 13

N°. 2    Edoardo Galli and Ginevra Tarantini,  cairn of the workstation N° 39

N°. 3   Camilla Pecori and Chiara Perdicucci, cairn of the workstation N° 37


Even if the regulations require that the ratio between the height and the perimeter of the base of the work must be greater than 1 and that the size of the stones utilized for the cairn must not exceed 15 cm, the Jury has decided to mention and award two cairns which did not meet all criteria. Simply because they are really gorgeous and definitely evocative:

the cairn N° 27 built by Marco Camilloni and 

the cairn N°  26 built by Federico and Enrico Picchetti



Each of these five winners was awarded with a cairn handmade in the Dolomites of precious stone pine by Dolometto.