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The Armentarola Piste

The Armentarola piste is one of the most famous and appreciated ski slopes in the Alps. It is located right in the centre of the Dolomites. The spectacular descent starts on Mt. Lagazuoi and ends at the Capanna Alpina Refuge, unfolding in a unique setting, a majestic environment. At the end of the track, to enter the skiable area of Alta Badia, skiers are pulled by horse-drawn carriage to the Sarè bridge.

The route is 8.5 km long and unfolds through the pristine Dolomite landscape of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park along the rock walls of Mount Cima Scotoni, the Fanis group and the majestic Piz dles Conturines. 

It's a trip on skis in a fairytale world. Along the way, you can see magnificent centuries-old stone pines (Pinus cembra), the valley of the Scotoni hut with its grill specialities, the icefalls, the restaurant Capanna Alpina, and to top it off, the skiers are pulled through the snow by a horse-drawn tow. 
It is a very varied and scenic slope, gentle and fascinating from the start at an altitude of 2730 m at the top station of the cable car Lagazuoi down to the 1660 m of the bridge Sarè, where you should ski down unhurried and enjoy every panoramic view. 

This slope is also part of the Great War Ski Tour and Super8 Ski Tour.

Connections with the Cortina ski area

The 2-way Cortina Skyline gondola lift connects the ski areas to the right of Cortina d'Ampezzo: on the one side, Socrepes, Pocol and Tofana, and on the other side, 5 Torri, Averau, Falzarego and Lagazuoi. It runs from Son dei Prade (Pocol, at the bottom of the Tofana di Mezzo area) via the intermediate station Cianzopè to the Bai de Dones top station (at the bottom of the 5 Torri area), connecting these two areas with a 15-minute gondola ride. Now, skiers from Cortina can reach the 5 Torri, the Falzarego Pass and Mount Lagazuoi on skis by means of lift facilities and slopes. Even directly from Cortina d'Ampezzo, with the Freccia nel Cielo cable car.

Winter 2023-2024 bus connections of the Falzarego-Lagazuoi ski area with the Cortina ski area  >>>>>


Connections between the Lagazuoi ski area and the Badia Valley

See the connections of the Falzarego and Lagazuoi ski area with the Badia Valley for the 2023-2024 winter season:

buses, taxi-buses and horse lift  >>>>>

Please note! Buses and taxi buses from the Badia Valley to the Falzarego Pass, as well as the horse transfer services, are not included in your ski pass.

The ski pass of the Alta Badia ski area is valid for the Lagazuoi cable car but not for the lift facilities of Col Gallina and 5 Torri.