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WW1 on the Mt. Lagazuoi: discover the open-air museum by downloading our historical tour app


A new app will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of a dramatic war fought at a high altitude that was unique in the history of man.
Your discovery of the restored tunnels, trenches and machine-gun emplacements of the WW1-Open-Air Museum on Mt. Lagazuoi will become an even more captivating experience.

The app is free of charge. You can download it here or by scanning one of the QR codes on the museum panels.

Each strategic point along the route is marked with a code; if you enter this on your smartphone, a tab full of content opens up:
texts, images, audio and video recordings explain the lesser-known aspects of the war and offer a lively and impressive insight into the topic. The sections that refer to the respective locations - the front line, the ridge emplacements, the Italian barbed wire netting, the mine tunnels, the ridges, the officers' huts and soldiers' dormitories, the observation posts, the deposits - alternate with scenes from the everyday life of the soldiers, so that you learn what life was like at the front, where they had to fight not only the enemy but also cold, fatigue, hunger and fear.


As many as 130 plaques mark the highlights of two paths - information panels mark all the significant places of the two routes – along the front line and the Kaiserjäger path - as well as in the tunnels dug into the mountain.
The app can be accessed even in areas with no internet connection.

The hike through the trenches and tunnels becomes an even more captivating experience, transformed into a narrative that makes an easily understandable chapter of history. 

All you have to do is download the historical tour app and start your visit!