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Photo and video competition with prizes.
It’s really easy to participate!
Deadline for submitting your entries: Sunday 2nd April 2023

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Our partners

The companies ‘Consorzio di Tutela Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG’, ‚
Istituto Erboristico L'Angelica’ and ‘Villani Salumi’
are protagonists of Made in Italy

Consorzio di Tutela Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG

​The connection between Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti and the Consortium that produces the famous Italian Prosecco DOCG is more than just a partnership: both the Dolomites and the Prosecco DOCG hills are Unesco World Heritage Sites. And they also share common characteristics, such as a distinctive geological history, verticality, and the ability to enhance the area through hard work.
The unique landscape yields an equally unique tourist or oenological product and thus supports an economy that ensures the residency and well-being of local communities.


Istituto Erboristico L’Angelica

​L'Angelica, the Italian leader in herbal teas and products linked to the tradition of herbalism, shares a strong value proposition with the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti.
Both offer remedies which contribute to psychophysical health through the therapeutic power of nature, L'Angelica with its herbal, fruit and active ingredient products, and Mount Lagazuoi with its alpine environment, to which it is a gateway.


Villani Salumi

The partnership with Villani Salumi, a historic Emilian brand, confirms Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti's will to research quality and work with partners who share the need to represent the history and identity of their territory.