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Federico Picchetti, 1° classificato al Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2019

Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2019:
the jury has made its decision!

That's it, the Lagazuoi Cairn Festival ended on Sunday 28th July 

During the two weeks of this contest, the path has been dotted with artistic cairns, built on and with rocks in a place of deceleration and contemplation.
These transitory artistic expressions, one different from the other, have enchanted not only the visitors of Mt. Lagazuoi but also the jury. 
And the outstanding jury has expressed his preference:   

First place goes to:

Federico Picchetti, cairn of the workstation N° 2, score 164 points

The is the smile of a winner: Federico Picchetti proudly shows his prize, the largest of the three cairns in precious stone pine, handmade in the Dolomites by Dolometto.

Federico Picchetti, 1° classificato al Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2019

Second place goes to:

Nicoletta Cortiana, 2° classificata al Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2019


Nicoletta Cortiana, cairn of the workstation N° 10, score 154 points

As by regulation, the evaluation of the jury took into account the following criteria: the equilibrium of the form, the agility of the creation, the lightness of the structure, the harmony of the component elements the stability.

Third place goes to:

Enrico Picchetti, cairn of the workstation N° 1, score 141 points

The outstanding jury was made up entirely of people with particular links with the life of the mountains and with arts:
Flavio Lancedelli, president of the Regole d’Ampezzo; Mauro Menardi, representative of the Ampezzo Nature Park, Sergio Furlanetto, Treviso's representative of the Italian association of the Alpine Regiments ANA and coordinator of the restoration of the trenches in the Open Air Museum of World War 1 on mount Lagazuoi; Narcisio Antoniacomi, adviser of Cortina d'Ampezzo's branch of the Italian Alpine Association CAI; Jan Paul Bernardi, director of the Badia tourist  office, Matteo De Sandre, sculptor and inventor of the cairns Dolometto made of stone pine (pinus cembra); Marina Alberti, responsible for the Cortina branch of the sports association Fairplay, Stefano Illing, CEO of the Lagazuoi SpA.

Enrico Picchetti, 3° classificato al Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2019


We also publish the pics of two cairns which do not meet the criteria set out in the regulations but are simply very nice to look at and evoke a smile.

Work station number 4

Work station number 3

Giulio Francesco Nalesso

Giulio Francesco Nalesso

The competition will be judged also by those visiting Mt. Lagazuoi.
Do you want to express your vote at the Lagazuoi Cairn Festival 2019? Simply fill in the voting form you will find at the Lagazuoi cable car or at Lagazuoi Refuge and register your preference in a voting card. 
This way the public will elect the Cairn of the year 2019, its authors entering the HALL OF FAME of cairn creators.