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Mount Sasso di Stria

The Sasso di Stria is a 2477 metres high mountain between Mount Lagazuoi and Col di Lana, overhanging the Falzarego pass, it towers beside the road of the Valparola pass. 
Eastward under the summit there is a rock outcrop called Anticima (pre-summit), which stretches out over the Great Dolomites Road.

On the Valparola saddle, beside the road, lies the Tre Sassi Fort, part of the Austro-Hungarian barrier against the Kingdom of Italy. Built between 1897 and1900, at the beginning of the war it was obsolete and already destroyed by the Italians with heavy artillery in 1915. In the meanwhile, a war museum has been set up in this restored fort. 

Mount Sasso di Stria affords a spectacular view of the Ampezzo Valley, the Agordo Valley and the Badia Valley and oversees the state road SS48, the famous Great Dolomites Road, and the valley towards Cortina.

IFrom the top it offers a stunning view of the Fanis Group, the Tofane, Sella, Marmolada and the Puez. 

© Bernd Leinesser

© Bernd Leinesser

During the First World War the Sasso di Stria was fortified by the Austrians and became their stronghold on the Dolomite front, the linchpin of the defense of the Valparola pass, in order to prevent the Italian breakthrough into the Badia Valley and Puster Valley. 

The recovery and restoration work of the war emplacements began in 2004.

Thanks to the breathtaking panorama, the numerous hiking trails, the climbing routes, a new via ferrata, the Goiginger tunnel and its beautiful crag, today the Sasso di Stria is a popular tourist destination. 

But, above all, this mountain is a maze of World War I trenches and emplacements, restored and made accessible from 2004 onwards thanks to the work of the volunteers of the Treviso section of the National Alpini Association: an incredible amount of military works, now part of the Lagazuoi Open Air Museum

The role of the Sasso di Stria for the defense of the Valparola pass and the attack on the Martini ledge on Mt. Lagazuoi. The fortifications and the artillery on the Sasso di Stria.

At Valparola Pass, next to the Tre Sassi Fort, begins a path that leads to the 500-meter-long Goiginger tunnel and then to a Via Ferrata dedicated to the Italian hero Lieutenant Fusetti. 

This is also the starting point of the hiking trail that winds over the ridge of the Sasso di Stria and leads, through restored Austrian trenches, up to the summit cross. The last section of this path has two stairs and some steep and partially exposed but secured passages.

The ridge of Mt. Sasso di Stria was an impenetrable Austrian defensive line for the Italian troops during the First World War and a very important observation point towards Lagazuoi and Col di Lana. 

The history of the Sasso di Stria is closely linked to the war-related events on Mount Lagazuoi, on the Martini Ledge and to the mine warfare. 


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