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© Stefano Zardini

Lagazuoi Photo Award 2020

"Talking" images wanted,
shots which reveal the emotion of the Dolomite world without any cliche 

The photography contest Lagazuoi Photo Award 2020 - the first curatorial project of Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti, the  exhibition and cultural centre next to the top station of the homonymous cable car, at 2,778 metres above sea level - poses a challenge to photographers, professionals and amateurs alike.

This challenge is managed by a highly qualified organizational team, coordinated by Denis Curti, one of the most renowned European curators of photographic exhibitions. He is supported by: Nathalie Herschdorfer, curator and director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts Le Locle in Switzerland, Andréa Holzherr, Global Exhibition Director and curator for Magnum Photos, the writer Susanna Tamaro, the journalist Mario Calabresi and the entrepreneur Stefano Illing. 
The jury examined the photography environment in order to select the photographers who would participate in the contest. The deadline had been set for March 15th

“This project was born out of a noticeable gap in representation", states Stefano Illing while explaining the concept of the Lagazuoi Photo Award. "It’s gradually becoming easier and faster to reach the mountains and consequently the number of mountain lovers is constantly increasing. With the exponential expansion of smartphones and digital cameras, photography is more popular than ever. But these new technical possibilities have not renewed our perception of the mountains. Nevertheless, the latest pictures are still similar to the nostalgic postcards from the 1950s. Perhaps the mountains are -  fortunately - still considered an "other" place and this otherness keeps the mountains far away from the dominant urban culture. But a true photographer knows the difference between looking and seeing. He is able to convey his own emotional perception, his sense of wonder, his personal attitude with a shot and to teach us to see. And the Dolomites, which are among the most photographed mountains in the world, are the best testing ground." 

In order to encourage photographers to question this visual conformism, we had to develop a bold, unconventional proposal. "We have put together a top-class jury that is heterogeneous in terms of professional and life experiences. We want to broaden our field of vision and explore a new path," added Denis Curti. This is not an open call. We are collecting information and portfolios to be examined, we look around, run down many leads. Each jury member will choose a single photographer, even an amateur one. Because what matters is not the CV but the originality of the vision. Among the finalists we will elect only one winner: the prize is 10,000 Euros for the winner, a solo exhibition - with his or her own photo catalogue - from July 5th to September 10th 2020, in the middle of the high season in a unique place: the gallery Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti.”

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