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Giacomo Pompanin

The panorama

Compared to the majestic Dolomite peaks all around, with an altitude of  2,778 metres the Piccolo Lagazuoi is a comparatively low mountain and thus provides a fantastic panoramic view. Once you reach the summit, you can admire the Dolomites from a privileged point of view. This mountain is high enough to offer a great panoramic expansion but not so high to minimize the imposing beauty of the surrounding peaks. 

From here, the Fanes group, the Tofane (3.244 m), the Cunturines (3.064 m), Mt. Antelao (3.264 m), Mt. Civetta (3.220 m), the Marmolada (3.343 m), the Sorapiss (3.205 m) and Mt. Pelmo reveal in all their magnificence. 

Furthermore, thanks to the not excessive height, even untrained people can easily walk on an easy trail that leads up to the summit cross of Mt. Lagazuoi. 

In the distance, looking southwards, you can see the Pala group, the Cimon della Pala, the Latemar, Mt. Adamello, and the Rosengarten group (Italian: Catinaccio), westwards the Geisler group, the Zuckerhütl and Mt. Hochfeiler (Italian: Gran Pilastro). Looking northwards, you can see the Schwarzenstein (Italian: Sasso Nero) and the Hohe Gaisl (Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo in Italian). 

From the panoramic terrace of  the Lagazuoi refuge  you can delight in the unrivaled view.