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A gateway to the Ampezzo Dolomites Nature Park and the Natural Park Senes - Fanes - Braies the Lagazuoi 5 Torri area is a great nature oasis.

An ideal habitat for ibex and chamois, it is home to hares, partridges and even eagles, which hunt and nest here.

Further down towards the valley live black grouse and nutcrackers.

You are likely to hear the unmistakable shrill whistles of the loveable marmots keeping guard and warning of your approach.

Not to be missed in June is the spectacular pink flowering of the "Rhododendron ferrugineum”.

From the woods of the valley floor roe deer and red deer come up as far as the line of high-altitude meadows.

There is the glimmer of ancient lakes of glacial origin set in the  rock.

Contorted in anguish, the secular stone pines render the landscape truly unique, at times becoming genuine works of art.