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The photography contest Lagazuoi Photo Award, conceived in 2020 to show the Dolomites through the eyes of professional photographers , in 2022 opens up to young people.

The Lagazuoi Photo Award – New Talents, a new curatorial project of Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, aims to give students and graduates the opportunity to capture and reproduce, through photos, videos and sounds, a powerful and complicated image of what it means to experience the high altitudes in the Dolomites.

Thanks to the partnership with the Accademia di Belle Arti G. Carrara di Bergamo, a selected group of young people are offered the opportunity to undergo a unique experience on the top of Mount Lagazuoi: six field days to do research and to activate a dialogue with a very special place, to get to know and make known a landscape and an environment in a unique way, enhancing the natural mountain environment and the emotions of those who visit it.

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