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Good Night, Glaciers
Exhibition of the Ice Memory project supported by UNESCO


The exhibition 'Good Night, Glaciers' at the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti is a narrative that traces its roots to the distant past and challenges us to speculate about the future.

Our history is written in the ice. In the heart of the Dolomites, the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti takes visitors directly to an extreme environment, to the edge of the world, "inside" the glaciers. From 23rd December 2023 to 7th April 2024, the "Ice Memory" exhibition, a project supported by UNESCO, will be on display at the exhibition centre in the Lagazuoi cable car top station at an altitude of 2,732 metres.

Those who go up to Mount Lagazuoi, are invited to tiptoe into a fascinating but little-known environment. The exhibition, curated by Erica Villa and Enrico Costa, is combined with an online catalogue in Italian, English and German that visitors can download via a QR code, which allows visitors to deepen their knowledge of the topics covered.

Free entrance!

Read the press release, learn more about this exhibition and view the online catalogue  >>>>>