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The Silent Mountain

The Silent Mountain is a 2014 war drama written by Clemens Aufderklamm and produced and directed by Ernst Gossner. It is a love story set in the Dolomites at the outbreak of World War I between Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1915. The most impressive scenes were filmed in the Lagazuoi and 5 Torri area.
In the main roles, William Moseley, Eugenia Costantini and Corrado Invernizzi with the participation of Claudia Cardinale.


On the Austrian side of the Dolomites, the Austrian boy Andrea meets the Italian girl Francesca during his sister's wedding and falls in love with her. But the day after the wedding celebration he is called up to the front: Italy had declared war on Austria. In May 1915 begins a military conflict in South Tyrol that brings the two families on opposite sides of the barricades and the beloved mountains of Andrea and Francesca become the scene of bloody battles.

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The story is inspired by the so-called First Dolomite Offensive between July and August 1915.

At the Valparola Pass, the crew and cast was struck by lightning that injured moderately two people and seven others lightly. The rest of the film crew - a total of 45 people - were unharmed.