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Mountains on Fire

Mountains on Fire is a 1931 German war film directed by Karl Hartl and Luis Trenker. The film is based on Luis Trenker's homonymous novel, partly based on his own experiences. He is also the main acotor of the movie.


During World War I, the South Tyrolean soldier Dimai (from the Ampezzo Valley), enlisted in the Austrian army, is  obliged to fight next to his village against the Italian Alpine troops commanded by his friend Captain Franchini. Franchini's Company is digging a tunnel under the Austrians' emplacement to blow up the summit. Trapped in the mountain, the Austrians hear the constant hammering of the enemy. Helpless, they wait for the unknown moment of the explosion …

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The climbing scenes were filmed on the Great Lagazuoi and the Fanes Tower.

The plot of the film does not refer to the Col di Lana, as many believe, but is based on the events on the Schreckenstein, today known as Castelletto.

Due to the lack of props, real Schwarzlose and Fiat machine guns with live ammunition were used for the film, and also the snowstorm in the film is real!