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Never Again as Before

Never Again as Before (Italian: Mai + come prima) is a 2005 Italian coming of age drama film produced, written and directed by Giacomo Campiotti. The exteriors were shot in the Dolomites, the most dramatic scenes on the imposing rock faces of Mount Lagazuoi. The main actors are Laura Chiatti, Natalia Piatti , Nicola Cipolla, Federico Battilocchio, Marco Velluti and Marco Casu.


Four boys and two girls who have just graduated from high school decide to leave together for a holiday in the Dolomites, in what will probably be their last summer together before losing touch.
During their stay in the mountains, they learn to know themselves and each other at the best and to face their fears. On a dramatic climbing expedition up a mystic peak, they encounter a tragedy that will change each of them forever. After this summer nothing will be the same as before.

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Nicola Cipolla, who interprets the disabled Max, is indeed a disabled person.

The film was nominated for the David of the Youth at the 2006 David di Donatello Awards, while the theme song "Warriors of Light/Sei o non sei" was nominated for Silver Ribbon for best song.