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The Great Silence

In his Spaghetti Western film The Great Silence, an Italian-French co-production (1968), the peaks of Mount Lagazuoi were transformed into the icy landscape of Utah by Sergio Corbucci.
Elegant, gloomy and nihilistic like few other, this film is considered one of the very best and most influential Westerns ever shot. A masterful interpretation of the leading actors Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski.


In the villages of the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, a group of greedy and corrupted bounty hunters kills persecuted outlaws who have had to leave their hideouts in the mountains due to exceptionally bad weather. The sister of a murdered man recruits a mute gunslinger named Silence to take revenge. He finds an ally in an upright sheriff. However, Loco, the most brutal bounty hunter, murders the sheriff and lures Silence into a sneaky trap ...

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The exteriors were shot entirely in the Dolomites.

Impossible not to mention the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, whose delicacy screeches and blends with the wickedness of the events.