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Brothers of the Wind

Brothers of the Wind is a 2016 Austrian coming-of-age drama film directed by Gerardo Olivares and Otmar Penker. The story is set in the magnificent Dolomites filled with an abundance of wildlife. A touching tale of discovery and hope, which blends movie fiction with documentary-style.


Brothers of the wind is the stirring story of an eaglet and a boy in a remote area high in the Alps. After the death of his mother as a result of a fire, Lukas doesn’t speak any more. His father, gravely afflicted by the death of his wife, fails to live in harmony and understanding with his son. One day Lukas finds a baby eagle pushed from its nest and decides to nurture it into adulthood. Secretly because the father chases the eagles as predators of his sheep. Lukas now has a friend and companion who gives him affection: the eagle Abel.
Thanks to the care for the eagle, the friendship with the woodcutter and the love for nature, Lukas gradually starts talking again and gets closer to his father.

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To convey such a unique story in the best possible way and preserve the authenticity of the natural environment, new recording techniques were developed, such as aerial filming by using tandem flights with eagles and microlight aircraft.

The naturalistic part took four years of filming while the cinematic fiction was shot in six weeks.

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