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Lagazuoi Ski Area

Stunning landscapes, eternally snow-covered ski slopes, and awe-inspiring heights make the Lagazuoi ski area truly remarkable.

There are slopes for all ability levels, with buses and taxi buses linking you with the slopes of Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Civetta, the Badia Valley and Puster valleys. Furthermore, transport for the Great War Ski Tour is provided.

Do not miss the seasonal and classical events organized by the Cortina Delicious team in the Lagazuoi-5 Torri-Giau area.

Ski down Mount Lagazuoi

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You can reach the starting point, Falzarego pass - 17 km from Cortina d'Ampezzo and 12 Km from the Badia Valley - by car, public means of transport or on skis thanks to the new Cortina Skyline gondola lift  >>>.

Directly at the pass (2107 m), there are a big parking lot and toilets.
Here, you take the Lagazuoi cable car that brings you up to the top station (2732 m) in only 3 minutes. It's a nearly unique aerial lift with stationary ropes without support pillars.

From the peak of Mount Lagazuoi, you can choose between two pistes: the Lagazuoi slope, which returns to the Falzarego Pass skirting the mountain, or the famous Armentarola, which connects Cortina d'Ampezzo with the Badia Valley.

The Lagazuoi slope

Once you reach the top, stop to enjoy the breathtaking panorama from the terrace of the Lagazuoi Refuge, famous throughout the world for the spectacular views of the surrounding Dolomite peaks.

The red Lagazuoi slope is 3.5 km long and has a height difference of 600 metres.
It is a technically refined slope with frequent gradient changes and wide curves.
If necessary, the slope is covered by snowmaking facilities.

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Armentarola Ski Tour

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The 8.5 km long Armentarola is, without doubt, the most famous slope in the Dolomites and one of the most beautiful ski runs in the world. The Armentarola slope unfolds along the foot of the imposing Fanes mountain in an enchanting fairy-tale valley surrounded by craggy mountain faces and steep frozen waterfalls, making this magical descent an endless flow of thrills and surprises. Initially, the slope is quite steep. Thereafter, in the Lagazuoi gorge, the descent becomes gentle: a little rest before the final stretch of the piste, which from Scotoni refuge leads down in a steep canyon and then ends gently in the Sass Dlacia. And just like in the fairy tales, a horse cart is awaiting the skiers to take them to the Armentarola ski lift, the entrance to the ski area of Alta Badia.
The whole tour takes two hours and is worth it, both for the beauty of the landscape and the many historical testimonies you encounter along the way.

Connections with the Cortina ski area

The 2-way Cortina Skyline gondola lift connects the ski areas to the right of Cortina d'Ampezzo: on the one side, Socrepes, Pocol and Tofana, and on the other side, 5 Torri, Averau, Falzarego and Lagazuoi. It runs from Son dei Prade (Pocol, at the bottom of the Tofana di Mezzo area) via the intermediate station Cianzopè to the Bai de Dones top station (at the bottom of the 5 Torri area), connecting these two areas with a 15 minute gondola ride. Now, skiers from Cortina can reach the 5 Torri, the Falzarego Pass and Mount Lagazuoi on skis by means of lift facilities and slopes. Even directly from Cortina d'Ampezzo, with the Freccia nel Cielo cable car.

Adjustments are being made to the Winter 2023-2024 bus timetables for the connections of the Falzarego-Lagazuoi ski area with the Cortina ski area.

© Stefano Zardini

Connections between the Lagazuoi ski area and the Badia Valley


Adjustments are being made to the Winter 2023-2024 timetables
for the connections of the Falzarego-Lagazuoi ski area with the Badia Valley