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Parking lot at the Lagazuoi cable car

The Lagazuoi cable car parking lot at the Falzarego Pass is subject to a fee as follows:

  • daily flat rate from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (motor vehicles and motorcycles 5,00 Euros, buses and camper vans 10,00 Euros)
  • night flat rate from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. (motor vehicles and motorcycles 10,00 Euros, buses and camper vans 40,00 Euros)

Please note:

  • short term parking up to a maximum of 20 minutes is free
  • daily parking is free for customers who use the cable car on the same day and have a valid cable car ticket

The parking lot is unguarded and video-monitored for security reasons.


Entry: approach the entry column, press the appropriate button on the column and withdraw the entry ticket.

Exit: pay at the ticket machine or at the cable car ticket office. Pick up your car and insert the validated parking ticket into the slot of the column at the exit. Wait for the barrier to open.

Regulations of the Lagazuoi cable car parking lot  >>>>>

The car park ticket machine also issues cable car tickets, thus allowing you to avoid any queuing up.

You can purchase the following tickets at the ticket machine:

  • one-way and round-trip tickets for adults and kids
  • one-way and round-trip group tickets for adults

All other ticket typologies are on sale at the cable car ticket office.