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The Lagazuoi Tunnels

During the First World War, the Italian soldiers realized a daring gallery system leading from the Martini Ledge up to the fore-summit “Anticima” of Mt. Lagazuoi in order to undermine the Austrian emplacements. In addition to the branch built to place the mine, they dug a shoulder tunnel with an opening onto the Anticima, the artillery gallery, the helical tunnel, the lower branch opening onto the Martini Ledge and the horizontal branch as a connection tunnel with the Martini Ledge. The branch that made up the Italian mine gallery was blown up on June 20, 1917. 

Currently, the completely restored Lagazuoi tunnel is an atypical Via Ferrata that runs inside the mountain for more than 1 km. The tunnel is completely equipped with cables and is technically undemanding. Its dark and damp environment is only rarely broken by a few spectacular windows cut out of the rock.

Given the steepness, the tunnel is usually descended after a cable car ride up to the top station. The upper entrance is located at the Anticima (fore-summit) of the Piccolo Lagazuoi and can be easily reached on a signposted path from the Lagazuoi Refuge and from the top station of the Lagazuoi cable car in a short time. 

The bottom end of the gallery opens where once there was the horizontal connection branch with the ledge named after Major Martini, just above the wooden huts of the Malvezzi-Ledge. From here follow the marked path to quickly reach path no.402 which leads back to the Falzarego pass. 

Those who wish to walk up the tunnel, will start at Falzarego pass and hike on the Frontline Trail up to the crossroad that to the left leads to the tunnel entrance above the Cengia Malvezzi ledge. A short detour to this interesting ledge with its military huts is a must.

The tunnel opens on the top of the fore-summit of the Piccolo Lagazuoi. Along the route, after the tunnel exit, you cross a military trench system that was the fortified outpost of the Austrian army. From there you reach the top station of the Lagazuoi cable car and the Lagazuoi refuge on a hiking trail. 

The Lagazuoi tunnel is the highlight of the Delicious Trail Dolomiti. The race route leads up on the Frontline Trail, enters the tunnel and passes through it up to the tunnel exit. It is a tribute to the soldiers who here fought one of the most incredible wars in the world.



Departure point
Falzarego Pass, valley station of the Lagazuoi cable car

Arrival point
Falzarego Pass, valley station of the Lagazuoi cable car

Total duration
2,5 - 3 h

Path number
CAI 402,401

Total difference in altitude
639 m

Minimum altitude
2.107 m

Maximum altitude
2.752 m

You can reach the starting point, Falzarego Pass, from Cortina d'Ampezzo, Arabba or Badia by car or public means of transport. 

At the Falzarego Pass take the Lagazuoi cable car up to Mt. Lagazuoi and reach the mountain refuge nearby.

The Lagazuoi refuge can also be reached on foot, on path n° 402-401, with a difference in altitude of 630 metres in 2 hours.

The walk through the tunnel requires less than an hour. From the tunnel exit, you reach the Falzarego Pass in about half an hour.

The gear you need includes an appropriate footwear, gloves, a headlamp and a helmet

Best time of year
This itinerary is an excellent choice when the weather is poor