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The Lagazuoi Tunnels 1915-17

The Piccolo Lagazuoi is part of the Fánis group, behind which opens the wild and hard-fought Travenànzes valley: one of many doors to the Italian soldiers had to break through in order to reach the Tyrol.
During the twenty-nine long months from May 1915 to October 1917, the Piccolo Lagazuoi was an important bulwark that blocked the Falzarego pass and the lower Valparola pass.
The Lagazuoi was viciously fought over by the opposing armies, who did not hesitate to torture this mountain with defensive caves, mine tunnels and artillery emplacements.
Amongst the various war-related works there is the winding excavation inside the Piccolo Lagazuoi.
At the exit of this tunnel there is the extraordinary hanging village of the famous Martini Ledge.
It contrasts with the lower-lying Vonbank emplacement at the foot of the mountain, with its six strong lines of barbed wire.

The gallery, as indeed the whole open-air museum, is now practicable thanks to the restoration work by the Alpini and the Austrian and German soldiers in a sort of unity of the purpose to keep alive the memory of this brutal war.