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Education and outreach materials

The recovery of the historical remains of WW1 on Mt. Lagazuoi is the result of the work carried out by the Cengia Martini-Lagazuoi Committee.
In order to popularize the acquired historical knowledge, the Committee has realized a guide for the visit of the Lagazuoi Tunnels “The Great War on the Little Lagazuoi – Illustrated guide to the galleries with original documents” and one for the visit of the emplacements on Mt. Sasso di Stria “The Great War on the Sasso di Stria – illustrated guide to the gun emplacements with original documents”.
Furthermore, the Committee produced a video documentary entitled  “The Vertical Front, 1914-1917, the Great War from Cortina d’Ampezzo to the Little Lagazuoi” which illustrates the historical events and the activities for the realization of the Open Air Museum.  
The intent of increasing the knowledge of those facts among the youngest with media suitable for their age has led to the publishing of two graphic novels created by Gianni Carino, with historical revision by  Prof. Paolo Giacomel and edited by the Committee and the society Lagazuoi, entitled "Lagazuoi - War of mines" and "Sasso di Stria - The fortress in the rock". 
These publications can be purchased by sending a request to the e-mail address museo.lagazuoi@dolomiti.org and lagazuoi@lagazuoi.it 
Funds from the purchase of these education and outreach publications contribute to the historical research on the Great War.