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The Kaiserjäger path

The equipped Kaiserjäger path is a breathtaking trail along the tracks of the Austro-Hungarian soldiers between the Valparola pass, the Austrian ledge of Mt. Lagazuoi and the summit of this mountain.

It starts at the Valparola Pass, follows the Austro-Hungarian trenches and reaches the Vonbank emplacement, the barrage line that the Italians tried to bypass without success.

The Vonbank emplacement can also be reached via the path that starts from the Falzarego Pass and then continues to the left on the scree of Mt. Lagazuoi, a scree created by the four Austrian mines during the war.

From the Vonbank emplacement the path winds up to the suspended bridge and then to the ridge. 

After the bridge there is an exposed passage where it is useful to have a lanyard and a climbing harness. 

On the ridge you can visit the restored trenches and tunnels.

The path leads up to the top of Mt. Lagazuoi at 2778 meters above sea level.

The Kaiserjäger path is a very scenic route that gradually opens onto the surrounding Dolomite peaks.

Length: 3410 meters from the Valparola pass to the Lagazuoi refuge, difference in height 673 m from the Falzarego pass.