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The pink mountains
A journey at the discovery of the Dolomites

July 25th - August 18th
Finissage in the presence of Massimiliano Ossini

Healing mountains, which reveal themselves - and "reveal us" - to our eyes, which elevate us from everyday life to allow us to enter, on tiptoe, into a different dimension.

The contact with the highlands has left deep marks on Massimiliano Ossini. Especially the Dolomites, the "pink" mountains, coloured by the Enrosadira at sunset: a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a symbol.

The presenter and author of the TV programme "Linea Bianca" broadcast by Rai 1 has conquered the peaks and was conquered by them.

The exhibited photographs show breathtaking views, landscapes and peaks which convey a silence that permeates the soul of those who climb the summit to descend into themselves.
Massimiliano Ossini loves the mountains dearly. In his books, and especially in this one, which we present in this exhibition and from which the photos are taken, the author tries to tell in words and pictures about the lives of those who have decided to stay, to live in these wonderful and difficult places, and who are thus at the same time their witnesses and guardians.

Massimiliano Ossini, frontrunner of the Italian TV channels Rai, wrote three books dedicated to his greatest passion: the mountains. He has been moderating Linea Bianca with great public success for 6 years. This programme makes the beauty of the Dolomites worldwide known.

18/08/2021 - Finissage of the exhibition "The Pink Mountains" - Massimiliano Ossini