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The emplacements of WW 1

The Austrian emplacement Feldwache 4

The FW 4 is the only emplacement on the front line that can be reached on skis in winter. 

It was dug into the ridge, called Muraglia Rocciosa by the Italians: a rock wall fortified by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers in order to defend the Lagazuoi saddle.

In winter you can visit it on skis by turning right directly after the departure of the slope at the top station of the Lagazuoi cable car Lagazuoi. 

The emplacement is a tunnel dug into the rock with two armoured emplacements for machine guns and two embrasures for the observation of the areas Col dei Bos and Castelletto. 

Today, there is a reproduction of the Schwarzlose machine gun with audio description.  

On the western slope of the ridge you can see the recesses which have been dug into the rock for the Austro-Hungarian huts. 

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Life in the mountains at such high altitudes was particularly difficult in winter, not just because of the enemy attacks but also due to the cold and the transportation difficulties.