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Lights, cameras, action!
Mount Lagazuoi on the scene

The beauty of its landscapes made Mount Lagazuoi the ideal setting for important cinema, TV and video and photographic productions.  
Some of the most iconic scenes from famous Hollywood films were shot on this natural, incomparably stunning stage.

From the first feature film by Luis Trenker and Karl Hartl, 'Mountains in Flames' from 1931, Mount Lagazuoi has continued to lend its charm to the magic world of celluloid.

Mountains on Fire

Mountains on Fire is a 1931 German war film directed by Karl Hartl and Luis Trenker. The film is based on Luis Trenker's homonymous novel, partly based on his own experiences.

During World War I, the South Tyrolean soldier Dimai, enlisted in the Austrian army, is  obliged to fight next to his village against the Italian Alpine troops commanded by his friend Captain Franchini. Franchini's company is digging a tunnel under the Austrians' emplacement to blow up the summit. Trapped in the mountain, the Austrians hear the constant hammering of the enemy. Helpless, they wait for the unknown moment of the explosion …

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