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Photo by Giacomo Pompanin

Delicious Festival Dolomiti 2021

24th-25th September

Everything's set for the 2021 edition of the Delicious Festival Dolomiti, a great sporting event brought about by the Cortina Delicious team with the aim of enhancing the historical, natural, mountaineering and gastronomic heritage of Cortina d'Ampezzo's unique area Lagazuoi – 5 Torri – Giau.

The Festival comprehends the following competitions:

- Delicious Trail Dolomiti, a non-competitive about 43 km long trail race with 3100 mD+ from Cortina centre through the most beautiful spots of the Cortina Delicious area and finish line at Pocol. 

- Short Delicious Trail Dolomiti, an about 22 km long trail race with 1300 mD+ through the heart of the UNESCO Dolomites which starts and ends at Pocol.

- Delicious Climbing Dolomiti, a non-competitive self-certifying competition for pairs with the awarding of scores at 5 Torri, Cortina's largest and most fascinating climbing crag.

Delicious Trail Dolomiti - stretch of Mt. Lagazuoi

The Delicious Trail Dolomiti is a trail race in one of Cortina’s most scenic and historically significant areas. 

The run starts in the center of Cortina and winds through the Cortina Delicious area between Pocol, Lago d'Ajal, Croda da Lago, 5 Torri, Nuvolau, Lagazuoi and Falzarego pass and crosses the open-air museums of the Great War amid the indelible traces of the high mountain warfare. 

The Lagazuoi tunnel is a highlight of this spectacular race: here the trail winds along the front line trail, leads through the mine tunnel and ends on the foresummit of the Lagazuoi. 

The mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi is one of the high altitude refreshment points which emphasize the gastronomic aspect of the event, pride of the organizers of the Delicious Festival Dolomiti.

Further information, the programme, regulations and registration >>>>>

© Giacomo Pompanin

During the run and at the final party in the pavilion Pala Delicious at Pocol you will enjoy very special dishes. A delicious concomitant gastronomic experience which  makes the Delicious Festival Dolomiti unique. 

Refreshment points >>>

Delicious Climbing Dolomiti

This exciting climbing contest is organized within the framework of Delicious Festival Dolomiti   >>>

Protective measures to contain the risks arising from the spread of the Covid-19 virus

In accordance with the regulations in force to contain the risk of spread of the Covid-19 virus, the UISP-affiliated event DELICIOUS TRAIL DOLOMITI and SHORT DELICIOUS TRAIL DOLOMITI applies the COVID-19 protocol of each federation and organization concerning the "NO STADIA" - Events and competitions  >>>>>>>

Special agreement for Covid testing on the occasion of the Delicious Trail 2021  >>>>>>>