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Photo by Giacomo Pompanin

The Frontline Trail

This large and well signposted path follows the front line between the Italian and the Austrian soldiers during World War 1 on Mount Lagazuoi. 
This trail is very easy and suitable for everybody.

Next to the parking area of the Lagazuoi cable car at the Falzarego Pass begins the wide and well-marked hiking trail which leads up to the Travenanzes saddle, at the Lagazuoi saddle and then to the Lagazuoi refuge, which is only 50 metres away from the top station of the cable car.

From the refuge it is only a short walk to the summit cross of the Little Lagazuoi at an altitude of 2778 metres. From here you will enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of famous Dolomite peaks such as Pelmo, Antelao, Tofane, Marmolada, Piz Boe, Civetta and the Sella massiv.

Map of Mt. Lagazuoi  >>>


A VIDEO with graphic simulation illustrates the front line on Mt. Lagazuoi and in the Travenanzes valley during WW1, the Austro-Hungarian and Italian emplacements between the mountains Sasso di Stria, Lagazuoi and Tofana:




The Lagazuoi is a mountain without barriers: the cable car, the exhibit space Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, the Lagazuoi refuge and even the path leading up to the summit cross are accessible to everyone, even with pushchairs and wheelchairs!



Departure point
Falzarego pass (2117 m), parking lot of the Lagazuoi cable car

Arrival point
Falzarego pass (2117 m), parking lot of the Lagazuoi cable car

Total duration
ca. 2 h

Path number
CAI 402,401

Total difference in altitude
661 m

Minimum altitude
2117 m

Maximum altitude
2778 m

Next to the parking lot of the Lagazuoi cable car begins the trail n° 402 which leads up to the Travenanzes saddle (2507 m). Once there, turn left onto path n° 401 and reach the Lagazuoi saddle (2572 m). Proceeding on this path, you reach the Lagazuoi refuge.

You can return to Falzarego pass the same way (and double the walking time) or with the cable car in a few minutes.