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The guard emplacement Feldwache 2

The Austrian guard emplacement Feldwache 2 is situated right in front of the terrace of the Lagazuoi refuge. Here you can sit in the sun eating a delicious strudel while retracing historical events.

From here, walking up westward a communication trench dug into the rock, the soldiers could reach the warehouses and the dormitories.

This connection trench degraded over time and therefore it is no longer visible while you can clearly see the guard emplacement Feldwache 2, abbreviated with FW2.

In recent years the Alpini of the A.N.A. (Associazione Nazionale Alpini) branch of Treviso have restored the dormitories, protected by a stone buttress. They are very visible looking towards the Val Badia.

The visit of this emplacement can be followed by a visit to the Snipers' nest, to the emplacement Feldwache 4 and to the summit cross, all nearby, easy and suitable for families with children.

This VIDEO with graphic simulation illustrates the transport difficulties to supply the front line at high altitude. The cable cars were the innovative solution to ensure the necessary support for the soldiers under enemy fire at high altitude: