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© Giacomo Pompanin

The Snipers' Emplacement

Right next to the emplacement Feldwache 4 post there is the sniper’s nest “Postazione del Cecchino” with its underground access.
Crossing a wooden door and climbing a ladder, you enter the tunnel that leads to a machine gun position and to a guard emplacement.

After a few meters this gallery stops: it was planned to continue the excavations in order to build a connection with the Feldwache 3 emplacement. The FW3 was situated in front of the terrace of the Lagazuoi cable car but, unfortunately, it has collapsed.  

The works were interrupted after the defeat in the battle of Caporetto, as the Italian troops had to abandon the Dolomite front.

The visit of this empacement and of the emplacements Feldwache 4 and Feldwache 2 and the way to the summit cross are suitable for families with children.

See the life, fears, thoughts and the pride of the soldiers on the mountain during WW 1 in this VIDEO with graphic simulation: