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The Austrian emplacement Feldwache 4

From the top station of the Lagazuoi cable car an easy path leads downward to the Austrian guard emplacement Feldwache 4 in a few minutes. 

This front line emplacement was built on the ridge of Mt. Lagazuoi, called “Muraglia Rocciosa” by the Italians, by the Austrian mountain troops, the Kaiserjäger, in order to defend the southern front of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

The emplacement FW 4 is a tunnel dug into the rock with two armoured emplacements for machine guns and two embrasures for the observation of the areas Col dei Bos and Castelletto. 

Today, there is a reproduction of the Schwarzlose machine gun with audio description.  

On the western slope of the ridge you can see the recesses which have been dug into the rock for the Austro-Hungarian huts. 

The visit of this empacement, of the snipers' nest, of the emplacement Feldwache 2 and the way to the summit cross are suitable for families with children.

This VIDEO with graphic simulation illustrates the front line on Mount Lagazuoi and in the Travenanzes valley during the war. The Austro-Hungarian and Italian emplacements between the mountains Sasso di Stria, Lagazuoi and Tofana:

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