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From Rozes to Mt. Lagazuoi

Fabio Bernardi
Mountain guides Gruppo Guide Alpine Cortina d'Ampezzo
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This trail satisfies many fields of interest: botany, geology and the history of World War I in a pristine, wild and fascinating landscape. Due to the considerable positive difference in altitude, this hike is suitable for well-trained hikers but in terms of technical skills, it is easy.

Recommended equipment: trekking boots, backpack, water, snacks, a change of clothes, a rain jacket and a first aid kit.
It is important to check the weather forecast as the path leads up to 2778 m of altitude.
Good way!  


Take the gravel path 402 that leads uphill through the valley between the mountains Col dei Bos and Tofana di Rozes and through a tunnel that allows to cross safely a ridge. The path continues slightly uphill and leads beyond the tree line. 
Under a bright rock face of dolomitic rock begins the path that winds its way up to the saddle Forcella Col dei Bos and then to the saddle Forcella Travenanzes. 
Here begins the outer part of the open-air museum of World War 1: soon you will see ruins of the soldiers’ huts and the Italian defensive positions. 
Shortly you’ll reach the Forcella Lagazuoi from where you can admire most of the mountain groups that exceed 3200 m.
From the saddle follow the trail 401 that leads through the open-air museum of the First World War. Finally, at an altitude of 2752 m, you’ll reach the Lagazuoi refuge with its breathtaking panoramic terrace, where the Pompanin family pampers his guests. From the hut, a simple, wide path leads to the top of Mt. Lagazuoi in 10 minutes. From where you will enjoy an incomparable view of the surrounding mountains.


easy but with great difference in altitude

Departure point
Parking Rozes

Arrival point
Lagazuoi refuge

Total duration
3,3 h non-stop

Path number
CAI 402, CAI 401, CAI 423

Total difference in altitude
926 m

Altitude at starting point
1820 m

Altitude at arrival
2752 m

Start at the parking Rozes, under Mt. Col dei Bos, at an altitude of 1820 m. If you arrive from Cortina, the parking lot is on the right side of the Great Dolomites Road, 500 m before the parking lot of the 5 Torri chairlift.  If you look up, you can see the overhanging rocks of the Tofana di Rozes and Cordes. Above towers the summit of the imposing Tofana di Rozes, on the left the Col dei Bos. 

Return by cable car to the Falzarego pass (2195 m) and then you can either return to the car by bus or hike from the Falzarego pass on the trail 423 through the Ospedaletti area, with the ruins of the Italian military base at 2170 m and then walk downhill on the military road downhill to the Rozes car parking.  The distance from Falzaregopass is 5 km with a difference in altitude of 70 m of ascent and 360 m of descent 70 m, the walking time is 1,50 h.