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Inauguration and guided first ascent of a new via ferrata on Mt. Sasso di Stria


Mt. Sasso di Stria: While tracing Second Lieutenant Fusetti, the Italian Alpine Troops built a new via ferrata

Inauguration and guided ascent 
Thursday 18th October 2018 

9.00 a.m.  Valparola Pass, 1st official ascent
11.30 a.m. Falzarego Pass, solemn ceremony with military honours 

The via ferrata Sottotenente Fusetti is a new protected climbing route on Mt. Sasso di Stria. It’s not only very interesting in terms of landscape as well as presenting a sporting challenge, but above all it’s of historical-tactical interest, as you walk in the footsteps of a hero of the First World War: Second Lieutenant Mario Fusetti, awarded a Gold Medal of Military Valour.

On Thursday 18th October 2018 this via ferrata will be inaugurated in the presence of the Commander of the Italian Alpine Troops, of the mayors of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Gianpietro Ghedina, and Livinallongo, Leandro Grones, of the president of the Regole d’Ampezzo, of representatives of the Martini Ridge-Lagazuoi Committee, of the Association of the Italian Mountain Troops Alpini (ANA), the Italian Alpine Association CAI and the Italian mountain rescue service.

This via ferrata don’t only offer a great alpine experience, it also tells a chapter of history. 

It follows the route climbed in October 1915 by Second Lieutenant Mario Fusetti with his squad in order to overwhelm the Austrians stationed below, in the trenches of the Goiginger emplacement, with a surprise attack.

However, they were spotted, surrounded and destroyed after a bloody battle which lasted two days. 
Many soldiers were taken prisoner and four died, including Mario Fusetti.  
The fallen soldiers tumbled down into the crevices of Mt. Sasso di Stria and their remains were never found.

In order to mark a century since the First World War ended, the Italian Alpine Troops Command has sent out two Alpini units with the task of searching for the remains of Second Lieutenant Mario Fusetti, the hero of Mt. Sasso di Stria. In the meanwhile other Alpini units built a via ferrata in his memory, which runs from south-west on the route climbed by Fusetti and his men. 

The access to the via ferrata alone is of great historical interest: in order to reach its access, you first have to go through the Goiginger Tunnel with its artillery positions facing the Martini Ridge. Then you cross the Goiginger emplacement on the saddle. Continue on a section of the trail toward the Edelweiss emplacement and reach the entrance of the new via ferrata after about 800 meters.

Once you reach the end of the via ferrata, you can either proceed along the Austro-Hungarian emplacements, which were restored by the Treviso Alpini section (ANA), and get to the summit of the Sasso di Stria or walk downhill back to the Tre Sassi Fort.

Program of the inauguration ceremony and guided ascent

Meeting point for the ascent:
The meeting point for those who want to participate in the guided First Official Ascent is the parking next to the Tre Sassi Fort at 9 a.m.
People can participate in the First Official Ascent accompanied by the General Commander of the Italian Alpine troops and his Alpini.

    • Required equipment: helmet and rope with carabiner 
    • Reservation per e-mail is required: lagazuoi@lagazuoi.it 

Meeting point for the ceremony
Meeting at 11.30 am at Falzarego pass, next to the memorial stone dedicated to Second Lieutenant Mario Fusetti. The program includes the presentation of military honours, the laying of a laurel wreath at the foot of the memorial stone and the blessing of the commemorative plaque, which will be installed at the entrance of the via ferrata at a later date.

Immediately afterwards there will be a small buffet for you to enjoy.

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