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Carriage of dogs

You can bring dogs up Mt. Lagazuoi on the cable car, as you will be delighted to know. 
However, there are some simple rules to be followed. 


1. Guide dogs
For guide dogs the ride is free, regardless of their size.

2. Small dogs ride free of charge
For all small dogs and pets that can be held in your arms  (within the frame size 50x30 cm) the ride is free
These dogs must be properly registered and identifiable by means of an identification and registration certificate of the canine registry. They must be kept on the lead and wear a muzzle. Foreign tourists travelling with their pets are required to carry their dog’s passport and vaccination book with them.

3. And what about large dogs?
Big dogs can ride on the Lagazuoi cable car too but must always wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash. For these dogs you have to pay a special ticket.
Please cooperate with our cabin attendant if he expressly asks you to muzzle your four-legged friend. Your dog is certainly sweet and would never hurt anyone. Muzzling, however, is required in order to dispel the concerns of the other passengers, especially those with little children and people who are afraid of dogs.

4. No dangerous animals admitted
If your pet has been classified as dangerous or is suffering from an illness that might be transmitted to humans (such as rabies), for safety reasons unfortunately it will not be allowed to ride the Lagazuoi cable car.