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Lagazuoi Terrace Bar by Embassy


The new Mountain Cafė at 2,732 meters above sea level

The brand new Mountain Cafė Lagazuoi Terrace Bar by Embassy opens on Wednesday 1st June. It is located on the terrace at the top station of the Lagazuoi cable car, at the entrance of the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti, a cultural centre that hosts international exhibitions and events.

The Lagazuoi Terrace Bar is managed by the renowned Embassy pastry shop situated in the centre of Cortina: a guarantee of quality!

The pièce de resistance of the Lagazuoi Terrace Bar by Embassy is its selection of cakes and pastries freshly baked in the laboratory of the Embassy pastry shop in the centre of Cortina, under the supervision of the master pastry chef Alberto Bisio. Every day the pastry shop’s showcase is stocked with a wide range of fresh cakes and pastries, such as croissants, Sachertorte, fruit tarts, Strudel and soft doughnuts.

Whether jams, organic fruit juices or hot chocolate, everything is  made on the premises.

For a snack or a quick light meal, the barkeeper proposes delicious filled rolls, toasted sandwiches, Puccia bread with speck and cheese and Tramezzini, delicious sliced soft bread sandwiches.

Throughout August, and on weekends in July and September, a grill is in operation on the panoramic terrace: then guests can enjoy rolls filled with hamburger, Italian sausage, German sausage or vegetables prepared on the spot.

The kitchen of the Embassy pastry shop is geared towards avoiding food waste and reducing its environmental impact; that's why seasonal and locally sourced ingredients are used as far as possible.

This Mountain Café can be easily reached with the Lagazuoi cable car or with a hike of approximately one and a half hours on the Frontline Trail from the Falzarego Pass.

The official inauguration will take place on Saturday 18th June.