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Photo exhibition Snow Art. Romantic Dolomites


At the top station of the cable car Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti presents the photo exhibition Snow Art. Romantic Dolomites with photographs by Pierluigi Orler, Gustav Willeit and Stefano Zardini.

The exhibition is open from 4th January to 7th April 2019 with free entrance.

The mountains are alive because they are constantly changing. Photography is the art of revealing the moment, the traditions, the past. The mountains are always the same, yet in the changing light and with the changes in the seasons these Titans of rock are forever changing and hence alive. The mountains inspire feelings and emotions in all who stand and marvel at their beauty, which not only derives from their appearance but is a consequence of the intense and constantly varying play of light, in summer and winter alike unfolding spectacular sights that are indescribably unique in the world." 
TESTIMONIAL: Sandro Lazzari, President of Dolomiti Superski