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82°07' Nord

From the millions years old rocks of the Dolomites to the Svalbard Icebergs. Both monumental, but the latter much more fragile: from 21st December to 19th  February at Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti, 2,778 meters above sea level, the exhibition "82°07 ' North - Polarquest expedition 2018" takes visitors to the "borders" of the world. 

82°07' North, is a photographic exhibition showing in images the Arctic ice cap, a territory of surprising beauty that unfortunately is causing concern due to global warming.

The title of the exhibition, "82°07'Nord" represents the record latitude reached by the sailing ship Nanuq, where the international team of the Polarquest2018 expedition carried out microplastics sampling and cosmic ray measurements for the first time in history.

This photographic exhibition was organized in collaboration with DOC Live and narrates the scientific expedition PolarQuest2018, supported by CERN, Centro Fermi, CRS4, CNR, GREAL, the Italian Geographic Society.

Information: polarquest2018.org