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25th anniversary of the Sentinelle del Lagazuoi Cultural Association

On Saturday, 22nd July, the Sentinelle del Lagazuoi Cultural Association will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its foundation, which took place in 1998 when the First World War open-air museum on Mt. Lagazuoi was inaugurated.

It is a heterogeneous and spontaneous group of friends united by their passion for history and especially for the First World War.

Some of the members are collectors of military items, some history enthusiasts, some historical re-enactors, and others simply mountain lovers. They are people who enjoy taking part in historical re-enactments to illustrate the war events and commemorate all those who made a lasting contribution to peace and to build the peaceful Europe we live in today.

Twenty-five years have gone by since the first re-enactment and the group has grown in terms of the number of participants, equipment quality and its ability to entertain people interested in the First World War.

Throughout the day, the re-enactors will be on-site and talk about the battles fought at a high altitude during the First World War, also using didactic elements such as tents and a machine gun. Tourists, visitors and the curious are welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: The event will not take place in case of bad weather.

Learn more about the association: sentinellelagazuoi.it

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