Excursions on Mount Lagazuoi


Hiking to the peak of Piccolo Lagazuoi

Walk to the cross on the summit of Mount  Lagazuoi

The thrill of reaching a summit cross in high altitude with a short and easy panoramic walk is priceless. This trail is really suitable for everybody!


Difficulty: very easy
Start and finish: Refuge Lagazuoi
Walking time: 20 minutes
Starting point: 2.746 m
Altitude at the summit cross: 2778 m
This stunning walk starts at the mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi (2746 m) which can be reached by cable car from Falzarego pass.

From the cross on the summit of Mount Lagazuoi (2778 m) you will enjoy unobstructed panoramic views and admire the most famous Dolomite peaks, among others the triumvirate of the Tofane and the Marmolada glacier.

The summit cross was erected in memory of the soldiers who who were killed on this mountain in World War I.

Walk up and back on the same path.


Frontline Trail

Photo by Giacomo Pompanin

This large and well signposted path follows the front line between the Italian and the Austrian soldiers during World War 1 on Mount Lagazuoi.  
This trail is very easy and suitable for everybody.

Start and Finish: Falzarego pass (2117 m), parking of the cable car Lagazuoi
Walking time: 1,30 h
Minimum quota: 2117 mt
Maximum quota: 2778 mt
Height difference uphill: 661
Path n.: 402, 401
Difficulty: easy

Next to the parking area of the Lagazuoi cable car at the Falzarego Pass (2107 mt) begins the wide and well-marked hiking trail number 402. which leads you up to the Forcella Travenanzes (2507 mt) without any difficulties.
There you turn left onto path no. 401 and reach the saddle Forcella Lagazuoi.
Proceeding on this path you reach refuge Lagazuoi (which is very close to the top station of the cable car) and from the hut it is only a short walk to the summit cross of the Little Lagazuoi in 2778 m height.

From here you will enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of famous Dolomite peaks such as Pelmo, Antelao, Tofane, Marmolada, Piz Boe, Civetta and the Sella massiv.

You can return to Falzarego pass the same way (and double the walking tome) or with the cable car in a few minutes.

Historical deepening >>>



Hiking discendent to the Passo Falzarego

From Falzarego pass the cable car Lagazuoi takes you to the mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi.
Here begins an easy itinerary on the path number 401 – 402 which leads down, besides the ski slope, goes past Forcella Lagazuoi, then to the Forcella Travenanzes and head down to the Falzarego pass.

Start: mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi 2746 m
Finish: Falzarego pass 2117 m
Time: 1 h
Rest point: Rifugio Lagazuoi
Difficulty: easy
Notes: the mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi is easily accessible from Falzarego pass with a cable car

Photo by Giacomo Pompanin

Hiking Passo Valparola - Lagazuoi

Easy itinerary to reach the Valparola Pass.
Hike down the Lagazuoi ridge or follow the trail of the Alta Via No.1 (High level hiking route) to Forcella Selares, then turn left onto trail 20a to the Valparola Pass. This route, part of which is on the Armentarola ski-slope, offers extensive views over Cime di Fanis-Scotoni and below of Val Badia.
From Forcella Selares you may turn right and walk down the ski-slope to Rifugio Scotoni and to Armentarola.

Start: mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi
Finish: Falzarego pass, Armentarola pass
Time: 2 h
Rest point: mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi
Difficulty: easy
Notes: the mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi is easily accessible from Falzarego pass with a cable car


Reenactor in historical uniform Regiment illustrates events from the Great War

A reenactor in the historical uniform of the Third Regiment of the Tirolean Kaiserjäger illustrates the events of the Great War on Mount Lagazuoi, the battles between the Italian and the Austro - Hungarian empire.
The guided tour of the open-air museum wants to give a tangible dimension to history and its protagonists, obviously meeting the demands of the users, who really appreciate this opportunity.


Photo by Giacomo Pompanin

The Great War told by a reenactor in  historical uniform across the trenches in the area of the Great War Open Air Museum of Mount Lagazuoi.

When: daily from 15th June until 9th September 2018 starting from 9.30 a.m.
From 9th September until the end of the summer season of the cable car Lagazuoi - 21st October, subject to exceptional weather conditions - the guide is available on reservation by phone 2 days in advance.

Cost: free offer
Contacts: the guided visit can be booked at the following contact: freefall 59@gmail.com

The service is organised but the Cultural Association of re-enactments, Historical Re-enactment Sentries Group of Lagazuoi